Privacy and Security

Today's internet user is all too aware that privacy on the web is at best a good intention - while companies want to avoid the public relations nightmare of revealing too much information about you, the fact is they are collecting vast amounts of information about you, tracking your every click, every search term, even reading your email to figure out what ads to serve you. They have all this information about you and ask you to trust their good intentions - but very few will reveal details about how securely this data is kept, or what safeguards they have to prevent their own employees or contractors from accessing or abusing your personal information.

BigCloud offers something much better than privacy by intent - we give you privacy by design. First of all, BigCloud as a company has no access to your files, even those stored on BigCloud Online - that service is hosted by Amazon and there is no "back door" for us to get in to see what you have. The BigCloud software you install on your computer does not record or report any of your usage, and all searches you perform in BigCloud Archives are made against a local index of an archive that is securely downloaded to your computer - your search terms never cross the network to reach a server that might log it for years. Amazon meters your usage in terms of bytes stored and transferred, in order to bill you accurately, but unlike some other big internet companies they are not looking at what is in those transferred bytes to learn more about you.

Another fundamental privacy concern with storing your personal files on a web site is that by design, anything you can see in a web browser can also be seen by the server that delivers it, and potentially by a "man in the middle" - there are many ways your privacy can be compromised. When you store your files in an encrypted BigCloud Archive, by assigning a passphrase to that archive, you guarantee that even someone with access to the physical servers that host your files on the cloud, or someone who somehow intercepts the secure connection between your computer and the cloud, will not be able to to see the contents of those files without first cracking your passphrase, which we make as difficult as possible by using industry-standard encryption protocols like AES-128 and PBKDF2 and through the liberal application of randomized salts to prevent rainbow or pattern-detection attacks. In this way BigCloud Archives gives you a peace of mind you can never get through your web browser.