Importing Files

There are several ways to import files into a BigCloud archive. You may use the Import Files command from the File menu to browse for folders or files to import from your computer, and you may use the Import URLs command to enter a list of URLs to import. You can drag and drop files and folders from your desktop or folder windows into BigCloud, or drag-and-drop links and images directly from a web browser to import them. You can also copy or cut files from another archive and paste them into another.

Files are always imported to the archive in the current tab - to import into a different archive, change tabs to the desired archive, or open it using the Open Archive command.

To import emails to an archive, export them from your mail client in .eml or .mbox files, and import those files.  

You can keep track of the progress of imports in the activity monitor on the right side of the screen. Once an import has finished, you will see at the bottom right a progress bar that says "Analyzing Files" - once this is complete your files are ready to be searched, viewed or backed up within BigCloud. You can safely close BigCloud while it is analyzing files - it will finish the job the next time you open the archive. If you close BigCloud during an import, however, the import will be cancelled. You can also cancel an import using the "Stop" icon next to the progress bar for that import.